Tymon violin Graffitti

Tymon Dogg is a multi-instrumentalist singer-songwriter variously described as the ‘King of Gypsy Punk’, ‘alt-folk legend’ and ‘a demented elf’. As well as pursuing his solo career, he has worked with a wide variety of  musicians from The Clash to Flamenco superstar, the late Enrique Morente. Tymon was a member of Joe Strummer’s Mescaleros until Joe’s untimely death in 2002.

In August 2022 Tymon Dogg & The Dacoits  finished recording their first (as yet untitled) album, due for release early 2023. The Dacoits are: Richard Dudanski (PiL, The 101ers), Antonio Arias, Juan Codorniu and JJ Machuca (all from Lagartija Nick).

‘Tymon is a truly outstanding and utterly original musican’ fRoots Magazine December 2015

‘Uber talented Clash/101ers associate’s ornate and barbed song make their mark’. Gavin Martin Daily Mirror November 2015 (review of ‘Made of Light’)

Click here to find out more about Tymon.

Tymon’s new solo album ‘Made of Light’ was released on 13 November 2015

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image credit: el nino de las pinturas, graffiti artist, Granada, Spain

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  1. Hello! Weird question for you… will you /do you sell autographed photos of yourself? My so (15) is so inspired by you. He plays guitar, banjo and currently learning violin. .. (he wants an electric. . But wants to wait till hes learned 5 of your songs ) hes very familiar with your career as I have been a Clash collector since way before he was born ( the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame borrowed 56 items from my collection for their display when the Clash we inducted.) You truly are inspiring my son and something from you would be most grand ! Thank you for all you do ! We hear you !

  2. Well Hi, I am David and stumbled on the web site whilst YouTube memory lane surfs! Used to often play same evening as Tymon at Half moon Putney in around 76/77 when I was member of Acrobat the Friday residents. Still have a copy of his self recoded album he gave me and also still love the songs and energy. Like Tymon I have continued to play and gig down the years and so glad to see and hear he is still enjoying the music. i now live in Cornwall and spend much of my time out in the many venues and recording in my home studio living the Kernow dream I guess. Have fun and keep the music alive in your all Tymon.
    David [Acrobat]

  3. Just wondering if you’ll be in Las Vegas anytime next year or in Toronto, I’d like to meet you my mother and your dad are brother and sister, let me know

  4. What a beautiful surprise to discover Made of Light. Fantastic songs, as ever, and musically / sonically adventurous. Thanks Tymon, hope I can get to see you at Sidmouth.

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