Psychedelic Surrealism Aboard The Good ship Minesweeper


Take a deep breath and leap aboard the good ship Minesweeper, the ultimate in London’s underground scene.

Definitely no high heels!

Pay what you can…

Louis Aragon’s seminal surrealist text describing the inner adventures, hallucinations and dangerous pursuits of a group of young Parisian writers and artists extracting surrealism from the ashes of DaDa in the early 1920s.

Alex Walker will perform extracts from the text in psychedelic soundscapes from Tymon Dogg and Alex Thomas. Guaranteed to sweep you away…

Thomas Baigneres is a phenomenal young poet, rock musician and chanteur visiting us from Paris. Don’t miss this chance to hear his strikingly original songs, velvet peppered with mescalin salt.

Read about the Mindsweeper collective.