Tymon Dogg & The Dacoits Gigs in Spain

dacoit group shot

The Dacoits are… from left to right: Jota Jota (keyboards), who plays with Flamenco & Rock singer, Solea Morente; David Cajon (flamenco drum), he also plays with Solea; Tymon Dogg (vocals, instruments); Antonio Arias (vocals, bass guitar) plays with Lagartija Nick & has a fascinating solo project Multiverses; Richard Dudanski (drums) played with the 101ers and PiL, current projects include band el Doghouse; Juan Codorniu (guitar) also plays with Lagartija Nick

Tymon & The Dacoits did two very well received gigs in Spain in April.

On April Fools Day (Tymon and Richard had a band called the Fools back in the 70s so that’s a laugh) at the Planta Baja, a great underground venue in the heart of Granada …

Dacoits in action

The Dacoits at La Planta Baja on 1 April 2016


and the other at the New Georgia in Almeria