Review in the Baltimore Sun Herald

This from the pen of the wonderfully-named Ricky Flake… love the ‘regular-guy voice’ reference… Tymon has never been called that before!!! ‘Screeching elf’ yes, ‘banshee rant’ yes but ‘regular guy voice’? Nope!!

Made Of Light Tymon Dogg (Thin Man Music, HHH 1/2)

This Nov. 6 CD comes from someone who was a friend and songwriting partner of Joe Strummer and member of The Mescaleros. There are two CDs, labeled Side One and Side Two which indicates availability in vinyl/digital formats for this well-crafted album. Tymon sings British-accented, better world lyrics in a regular-guy voice, but there’s tremendous instrumental variety.  The lavishly orchestrated Conscience Money; the piano-powered Like I Used to Be; the violin-drenched That’s The Way It Is and the humorous Perfect Match are my favorite tunes.  This is a good one for discriminating listeners.

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