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CD Review: Tymon Dogg – Made of Light


Having previously worked with the likes of Paul McCartney, Jimmy Page, and Joe Strummer, alt-folk stalwart Tymon Dogg has returned with his latest solo album. The album is very much a mixed back with everything from punk, folk, and psychedelic being covered across the twelve tracks. Ironically it is the volatility of the music that actually makes it all fit together. There is something about the offbeat and disjointed nature of the music that gives it a certain charm and character. Mr Dogg’s scratchy vocals also give the music a certain unique edge that makes the feeling felt even stronger.

‘Conscience money’ is a minimalist yet confronting tune, led with the sharp tongued and hard lyrics the song provides a powerful and through provoking narrative.

‘Time for moving on’ feels much softer and subdued in comparison with a heart felt feeling of melancholy. The softly delivered vocals provides a certain feeling of regret but also comfort.
‘Pound of grain’ apparently originated through Dogg’s creative partnership with Strummer. The song brings out a solid and raw punk rock sound, enhanced with an erratic industrial background proving a bleak and chaotic atmosphere! ‘Made of light’ is a beautiful violin led love song full of emotion and feeling. Tymon’s slighty scratchy voice gives the song an extra feeling of genuine emotion that lifts the feeling even further. ‘As I make my way’ is a soft folk armed with a piano and violin. There is a strong feeling of soul searching and looking back at time passed. ‘DMT’ is a deep dark tune sounding a little like Roger Water’s more experimental work. a the mix a bleak violin and offbeat sounds create a chilling ernie atmosphere. ‘Modern Art’ sounds like psyceldelica’s evil twin. There is a hazy hypnotic feeling throughout with a chilling feeling of uneasiness felt along the way. The album closes with the soft and sad sounds of ‘Walking down the road’.

This is a mammoth effort that is full of emotion from start to feeling. There is a very personal vibe in the album with many great heartfelt moments. On top of this, the wide coverage of musical styles gives the album and intriguing edge ensuring there are no dull moments.

Check out Tymon Dogg’s website to find out more!

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